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J H Business Instruments Ltd.

66 Cannon Street,London, United Kingdom
London, ec4n 6ep
United Kingdom

Tel: 447024021890

Contact: John Hodson
Email: Send Inquiry

Type of Business: Service Provider, Exporter/Importer
Ownership Type: Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Harmonized System Codes: SC35 SC36 SC37 SC38 SC39 SC40 SC41 SC42 SC43 SC44 SC45

Business Message

J H Business Instruments Limited is a financial and management services companies,serving customers worldwide in various fields of corporate and financial management.

With our main activities comprising investments, funding,financial instruments.We support micro-enterprises, as well as large companies and project developers, to

raise financing.We help companies prepare for raising capital, define their capital needs, prepare investor materials and negotiate a transaction. We also make

introductions to investors, lenders and other capital providers .We have a proven ability to secure appropriate funds for our clients on the best possible terms. With

long-standing experience in emerging markets and deep understanding of our clients, we match them to suitable investors.
Through our lending and financing solutions, we enable our customers to pursue ambitious growth strategies and execute value-creating transactions.

we constantly expand our services to globally serve our customers in an efficient and convenient way. Our strength in financial services is to be there where the

customer's local bank relationship is not coming up to his needs. We are offering bank guarantee, (BG) and standby letter of credit ,(SBLC) issued from AAA Rated bank

such as UBS Investment Bank,Barclays bank, Natwest and HSBC Bank London.

Our financial instruments are used by traders, companies and individuals to meet required trade finance needs. Our global presence and knowledge help provide a

solution that is flexible and cognizant of the needs of our clients.Our services are dynamic and efficient. We offer competitive choice for our clients when aiming to

fulfill their trade finance needs.

J H Business Instruments Limited was founded in 2007 and certified in the United Kingdom.

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Available Financial Instruments and Investment Loans
Available Financial Instruments and Investment Loans

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